Thursday, September 03, 2009

Zionism With a Technological Twist

Well... its been quite a fun summer working on this new curriculum- we finally got our new Promethean board installed in August and I was trained briefly in the new software ActivInspire (which is basically a newer version of ActivStudio). There is so much exciting stuff that can be done with the board. The lessons that I have created thus far use images, video, maps, and sound to help the students better understand the First Aliyah through WWII. I have also been able to create some really cool Jeopardy review games that are so technologically advanced- and fun!

After attending a wonderful conference recently called Israel at the Center I learned about some really great curriculum that exists already in the Jewish "technological" world. Itai Tennenbaum's "Israel Interactive" is one program that I plan on using with the board. Check out his website to get a better idea of what it is:

I learned 2 fun facts also that are helpful to my curriculum building:
1) The Hebrew University website has access to many WONDERFUL films from Israeli history that are excellent resources
2) Promethean has a way of importing SMART BOARD lessons into Promethean format. I bet there is a way to do it in reverse as well.

Just an fyi- I don't start teaching the Zionism course until November so it is still a work in progress, but I am sure that as I start teaching on Tuesday- Hebrew and Jewish Studies classes- I will learn more about the board and it will inspire many more creative ideas.

Next time I blog I will try to update about the ActiVotes which I have not yet figured out how to use.

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