Thursday, October 01, 2009

American Hebrew Academy: AVI CHAI GRANT - Pocket Video Cameras Project

The cameras are here! They are very user friendly and everybody is excited to start filming. But there is work to do before we get to the real fun. (Students will soon discover that one can have lots of fun in a very serious learning environment.) This is what the cameras look like:

Hebrew 1.2 students are in the process of finishing the scripts they are writing. Putting together the grocery list was relatively easy for them; now we are working on the grammatical part of the dialog: verb conjugations in present tense in the first and second person, and using the possessive pronoun “shel”. We will probably start filming no later than Friday Oct 9.

Hebrew IV students have brought their favorite books to class. They are about to finish their presentations and they will start writing the scripts next week. After the presentations the students will choose two books to write about. I plan to start filming within two weeks, no later than Tuesday Oct 13.

Hag Sukkot Sameach,
Ariella Livnat

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