Saturday, October 31, 2009

DaTefilah. Ilanit Curi-Hoory Solomon -Schechter school of Westchester

Shalom. I had some technical challenges so you didn't have a chance to view my project's progress so far. I would like to share with you some highlights of my exciting project that thanks to Avi Chai it can come to "life".I am working on slides to upload on Voice Threads. Voice Threads will be my tool to share our Teffilah experience with our class community. I am writing a reading practice slide for 4 prayers. first and second pages will include decoding practice sounds and words using color codes lead by me ( teacher). third page ( with no color as it is appears in the Siddur) my classes will be singing with Morah Tova my Friend teacher and her guitar.
each child will add a picture to the Tefillah he/she are working on. I am planing to introduce the slides to my students in December after they get their Siddur

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