Tuesday, October 20, 2009

iPods for Hebrew - Gray Academy

Before the iPods, we would test the students during class. That meant “one shot” for the student, and “one shot” for the teahcer to assess.
Having the tests saved as opposed to heard live benefits both the teacher and the students. The students get a chance to hear themselves and re-record if necessary before returning the iPod. From the teacher’s perspective, it allows us to listen to the recordings as many times as we need, which allows attention to details.
In addition, having the files saved gives the teacher an opportunity to sit with the students and give them feedback. The teacher can listen to the file with the student and point out areas that require attention and improvement. It serves as a great tool for enhancing progress rather than just giving a mark for the test.
The iPods are quickly becoming a popular item in our school. Teachers in our Hebrew department have already scheduled a few reading tests. Students seem to respond positively to this new experience. As a matter of fact, students who have not used them yet keep asking when is their turn.

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Naomi Shenker said...

Your project sounds similar in some points to ours at The Shlenker School, though we are working with elementary age students. What kind of assessments exactly the iPods are used for?