Monday, November 09, 2009

American Hebrew Academy: AVI CHAI GRANT - Pocket Video Cameras Project

Wednesday, November 4
We have been working on the project for over a month and the two video clips are finished. The process was long and overwhelming at times, but rewarding. We have been excited, frustrated, pleased, helpless, proud, and eventually thrilled that we finished, and the result is not bad at all.
We learned a lot during the project. Hebrew is only one of the lessons learned. Patience is another. Team work is an important factor in the process, especially during the filming. Multi tasking, independent work, responsibility, efficiency and selflessness were the spices of this dish.
Being a beginners’ class (Hebrew 1.2), we used mostly English behind the scenes while shooting the clip. I hope that by next project we’ll be able to use more Hebrew.
Here are the main challenges we have experienced:
· Lack of time- much of the work was done beyond the school hours. In addition, it took more classes than allocated to complete the project.
· We started filming later than expected- correcting the scripts and teaching based on the mistakes made was an important process. However, I felt that for Hebrew 1.2 some of the material learned was above their level (for example, Smichut). Higher levels would greatly benefit from this process.
· Getting all the members on the same schedule after classes.
· Different learning pace- some students could learn/memorize faster than others. That created moments of frustration from both sides.
· Public performance- not all the students felt comfortable enough to act in front of the group. It took time until they became more relaxed and able to do it.
· Working with two teams at a time is pretty challenging for the teacher. A TA is a great asset.
· Technical issues: zoom and volume. To be able to get the whole “scene”, there is a certain distance that we needed to keep from the group because of the zooming capability of the camera. The problem was that the sound could not keep up with the distance- the microphone recorded the background noise (we filmed in a supermarket) louder than the students’ conversation. The students could have spoken louder, of course, but it would make little difference.
Overall, it was a great learning experience. Every minute spent on the project was definitely worth it. But the teacher has to take into consideration delays in schedule, changes in plans, dedication, technical skills required in editing, improvisation and creativity.
The video clips are attached. Enjoy watching them. Input will be much appreciated.
Hebrew IV students have chosen the two books that made the script and finished writing it. At this point they are practicing the dialogues and are getting ready to film Tuesday, November 10. I believe that this group will have a smoother experience as most of them have better skills to face such challenges.

*** I am having problems uploading the videos...
We'll keep you posted,
Ariella Livnat

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Eli said...

I am enjoying reading the posts on the blog today.
A word about posting a video, there are two ways to do this n a simple way:
1) upload your video to YouTube, then use the link, or embed the video in your post.
2) upload your video directly to the blog, using the little “video” icon above the editing window.

The first might easier as YouTube excepts more video formats.