Monday, November 30, 2009

Having "Jing" installed on my laptop, I am able to capture a news broadcast or an article from the web and save it, so I can present it to class.
My technical support and guide Mrs. Deaso, has just installed Adobe Acrobat Connect on my laptop. With this program I am able to send captured video or electronic article by email to my contacts so they can preview it and be ready for our discussions.
I am also able to send " an invitation for a meeting" using Adobe Acrobat Connect to discuss the capturewith the class. In this invitation a date and time are set in which the class will be able to see the contact who lives in Israel and discuss the news or feature capture at hand.My laptop is not connected to the Smart Board yet.We are waiting for some technical parts that are on order.
In the meanwhile, as my first "experiment",I captured a video and presente it to my 12th graders.(Since they are a smaller class , they were able to view it on my laptop.) I am training their ears to follow the quick speed of the Israelies talking.After a couple of times,the students felt much more comfortable and were able to understand and follow the ideas.So students are already making progress as fluent listeners of the Hebrew language.

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