Monday, November 30, 2009

VoiceThreads Spreads at the Moriah School

As we continue spreading the word - VoiceThreads has been getting some interest and popularity among our staff. After a successful Election Day workshop, we are branching out to the rest of the Middle School as we set them up with the webcams and microphones. Considering the bold and original methodology that VoiceThreads presents, the teachers have remained interested and energetic to learn of both its capabilities and means of possible integration.
In my Gemara classes, we have thus far used VoiceThreads as a review and reading fluency tool, yet I have been discussing with the rest of the staff ideas to spread its usage far beyond. I am currently working on a VoiceThread geared to stimulate thoughts from Limudei Kodesh teachers throughout the country. I will be posting the link as soon as it is finalized so that all of Avi Chai's readers can join and spread the word! In turn, this can create a tremendous buzz in Judaic education and can very well expand our horizons in the near future. I look forward to sharing the VoiceThread with you shortly.

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Anonymous said...

I would just like to take some time out Thank all the people for doing what you do and make this community great im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.