Wednesday, December 02, 2009

DaTefilah want's to share whats new.

Shalom Everyone.
December is a very exciting time in our Solomon Schechter school of Westchester. Our first graders are getting their first Siddur very soon! To prepare my students to be active members of this exciting project, we started to read the tefillot slides I created, decoding the sounds using a color coding system. The students had great success and read the sounds very well!

One thing that I learned when introducing the second page, where students practice reading whole words that are color coded, many students had challenges in blending the sound. This meant that I needed to modify this page to allow for additional decoding and blending practice. So I changed the format to allow students to sound out by syllables and then blend. This change really help many students to achieve our goals! Students were excited to be able to sound out the words of familiar tefillot and inturn really felt like Hebrew readers!.

We are going to record the students singing the Tefillot after our siddur assembly later in December. It is great to share with my students this wonderful experience, and they can't wait to do our recording! 1st grade budding recording artists!

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