Thursday, December 24, 2009

iPods for Hebrew

So far we have two teachers using the iPods for language testing in the NETA program. Both teachers are still working out the logistics of accessing the sound files on the iPods. The students' enthusiasm for the iPods has not lessened; now it's a matter of bringing it to more of the teachers in the school. The biggest issue is time management; the teachers have to learn how to use the iPods quickly, and with so many other programs they have to deliver it's hard to "impose" another task on them. However, experience has shown me that these things take time. It can be too much to expect everyone to use a new piece of technology right away; the teachers need consistent reminders that the iPods are in the school and they can enhance language learning at all grade levels.


dana said...

what do you mean by " i pod for Hebrew " it sounds so cool ... can you please tell more about the use of it

Thanks ,


Leah said...

Maybe you can encourage the "early adapters" to talk up the Ipods to their technology-shy colleagues!