Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Letting the VoiceThread Be Heard

Now heading into the core of the school year, we are working to spread the usage of VoiceThreads throughout the Middle School here at the Moriah School. In my personal classes, we have used it in both my 7th and 8th grade Gemara classes - and they have been met with great success and excitement. I have posted images of the daf of Gemara, and directed my students to color-code each individual step of the Gemara by underlining the phrases, and then to read and translate. My students really enjoyed this challenge, and were overjoyed when it all came together in a completed unit.
Currently, I am working with several other Gemara/Dinim rebbeim to create similar projects in their classes, with interest peaking among a few Tanach teachers, as well. Our headsets and webcams are being distributed to our teachers, and many students have their VoiceThread accounts.
For those interested in this wonderful technological concept that has broad capabilities and integration possibilities, feel free to watch my VoiceThread of the Election Day workshop - and comment on it. The following is a link to it:
Enjoy Threading!

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YGoldfischer said...

thanks for all your posts about voice threads. I just posted one for my chumash class for them to read pesukim for homework. I'd like to create a rubric where I give back to them a highlighted text showing them each place they read a word incorrectly and have them go back and re-record themselves reading the text.
I think this program will be a great tool to have students work on skills without compromising the level of sophistication in the classroom.