Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jewish History Power Points with Video is Complete

My Jewish History Power Point project is now complete. The site URL address is There are 20 Power Point presentations
- 18 of them have video clips that the user can link to.
Topics are listed below.

Jewish History Curriculum
First Temple Period
Jewish Return to the Land of Israel
Greeks and Hellenisism
Chanukah and the Maccabees
The Dead Sea Scrolls
Herod the Great
The Rise of Christianity
The Great Revolt
Mishna, Talmud & the Oral Law
The Bar Kochba Revolt
The Rise of Islam
The Golden Age of Spain
Christian Spain: Inquisition & Expulsion
The Jews in Medieval Christian Europe
Eastern European Jewry
The Hasidic Movement
The Jews in America
The Rise of Modern Israel
Miracle of the Jewish people

I invite all educators to go to the site and welcome all comments and feedback.

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