Tuesday, December 08, 2009

sampling of smart ideas lessons

I want to share some of my smart ideas lessons. Smart ideas is mapping software for the smart board. I've been using this program to help my students visualize the sefer we are currently learning. I create a template before class and then together with my students we complete the page. In class we are able to move the objects, draw arrows and manipulate the text boxes in many ways.

Some of the ways smart ideas has been useful in my class.
1) Great way to break up a verses. The students can visualize the divisions and can be part of the learning process.
2) I use it for "chazarah" to review ideas. If we learned several commentators I make a page where the students write a line for each approach that we learned.
3) Demonstrating textual difficulties. Students visualize the important questions we will deal with, for example a 'misplaced' verse or bunch of verses.
4) Allowing students to see the bigger picture.

Follow the link to see my pages. Note: these pages can't capture what I do with smart ideas in the classroom because these pages are either my templates or the finished class work. The greatness of smart ideas is that you can do whatever you want in the class and create in front of the students with the students help.

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