Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Online Hebrew homework program

I thought it might have been a before-break phenomenon, but the teachers staffing the online hours report nearly no students calling in. We tried last week, after the break, to stagger hours, so that one of the teachers is on-line-available later, as an initial response. Last week had no hits before the change, and I have not yet seen the results since we shifted.

One of the things we discussed is identifying a teacher specifically within the department to give assignments that require the interface or support - to brainstorm some work that will be better explored through this kind of interface, to get the students rolling.

On the technology side, the chat moves fluidly, and the teachers are picking up the technology (by practicing with their kids in distant cities or rooms of the house during non-homework hours).

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Eli said...

New initiatives often need time to disseminate and gain followers.
Perhaps you need some marketing – adding a note on the bottom of assignments calling on students to use this option, as well as some notice to parents who are usually the first to field homework related questions.