Thursday, February 25, 2010

Completed Virtual Voice Thread Siddur

I want to thank Avi Chai Foundation for this exciting opportunity and support to create this project. Also, I want to thank my colleagues at The Solomon Schechter School of Westchester and my first grade students. By creating and producing this project we have experienced a learning community where students and staff work collaboratively.

My goal in creating the following Voice Thread was to give students the opportunity to read, practice, and sing the prayers correctly with meaning. By using Voice Threads we addressed different learning styles as well as creating an exciting and motivating experience.

Enjoy experiencing the following Siddur. I welcome you feedback

Ilanit Curi


rachel said...

You need permission to view what you posted - can you see if there is a way to make it "open"?

DaTefilah said...

Please try to open it now

YGoldfischer said...

I really enjoyed your siddur voice threads. What an effective way to review the tefilla and hebrew letters with nikkud. Do you use it in class or just as a tool for for the kids to review at home?

ilanit said...

Thanks for your feedback. We use the Voice thread in the classroom and it is also available for home practice.