Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Stumbling point - online Hebrew homework help

Our student log-in has dwindled off to non-existent over the last couple of weeks. We're regrouping and trying a couple of different directions:

1) The teachers who have been working with the online video-chat technology offered to try oral homework - i.e., specifically to evolve homework that requires the students to consult online, so that we can reinforce the opportunity that we have to explore the medium.

*Students seem especially accustomed in the video/writing chat sphere to see it as a venue for communicating with their peers, and may be resisting interacting with "adults" in this medium. I will develop and post a SurveyMonkey to see if I can get some anecdotal response on this.

2) Consider that the students may not be calling in to a teacher who is not "their" current Hebrew teacher, and try to get all of the Hebrew teachers into the rotation. Two reasons we originally did not go this route were the question of training (not all teachers are as technologically apt), and the concern that not all teachers have the same availability (family obligations outside of school hours).

We're going to meet early next week to plan the next round of experiment.

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