Monday, March 08, 2010

First full "meeting"

I am so happy to report that we held our first full "meeting" with our contact in Israel. The students viewed a video clip in Hebrew, which was sent to the contact in Israel via a link to Our contact viewed the same clip and researched the topic so that she would be well informed. After listening and learning the new words, verbs, and idioms on the smart board, the students understood the topic of what happened in the hotel in Dubai. They formulated questions in Hebrew to ask our contact face-to-face in order to gain a deeper understanding of the topic. They spoke into a remote microphone, which was passed around the classroom so each student had a chance to ask a question. It was very exciting to see our contact, a graduate of our high-school, who is studying now at the Hebrew University in Israel. Not only did she answer the questions of our students in Hebrew, but we were also able to sense the attitude of the average Israeli toward this subject. She introduced new words which we later reviewed and studied in class. The technology of Jing and Adobe Acrobat helped us listen, view, and speak simultaneously. It was a great experience! We are looking forward to our next "meeting".

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Eli said...

Sounds cool.
Can you post a link to the clip you used? When is your next "meeting"?