Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Meeting" a Settler

Following the news headlines about the building of 1,600 dwelling units in Ramat Shlomo and Vice President Biden's displeasure with it, my students had the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with a settler who lives in one of the Yishuvim in the "disputed" territories.
Using a webcam, microphone and the Smartboard the students conversed with our contact in Hebrew who is a graduate of our high-school and who resides now in a Yishuv in Israel.
The students asked her some thought provoking questions.
The answers were very informative and interesting. The students were impressed with facts we as Jews do not hear in the U.S. They were surprised to hear that many of her Arab neighbors are contractors who seem to be very successful and live in big homes and have a high standard of living. She described how her Arab neighbors are constantly building while the young Israeli families who direly need places for their children to live are prevented from building.

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