Thursday, March 04, 2010

Multi-Media Club In Full Swing

Our DKJA HS club has been getting there feet wet, and have begun taking longer strides on their own. Through our recent meetings, the students have learned how to recognize the various distinct components in modern media. We studied various types of media in order to recognize how video, audio and still images are all manipulated together to form every commercial, every music video, and virtually all forms of media consumed by modern society.

We then began to learn where to look for raw materials and inspiration, how to capture content from streaming video and how music is used to create atmosphere in combination with visual images. Our students have begun to use basic editing software to manipulate video and audio they have captured. By employing some of the basic editing tools and features they have practiced, the students are training their artistic eyes to see how transitions and cuts work to a film's advantage. Our club members are able to critique videos and to peer edit each other's work to make all the components compliment each other, and help improve their projects.

As our club members studied a video of one student and his friends wake-boarding, we examined how he successfully incorporated music into his video as well as many cut scenes and camera angles to keep the attention of the viewer excited and entertained.
In examining another peer-made video of interviews we were able to notice some basic mistakes that when corrected, dramatically improve the video's viewing experience.

As our students have been working to learn new concepts and technique, I too have been closely working with our new technology integration specialist Francine Safdeye, from whom I have already learned tremendously. I am very excited to have her help and guidance.

As DKJA moves forward into an even brighter more technology-filled future of education, this Multi-Media club will be the catalyst that pushes our school and its students to test its creativity in new and exciting, ever-expanding ways.

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