Wednesday, March 03, 2010

On a roll and working out the kinks with Rosetta Stone!

We have now successfully set up 4 Ivrit classes on the Rosetta Stone program and are thrilled with what we've seen! First, and maybe most important, our students are excited and really enjoying it! They always ask to have an extra "Rosetta Stone Period" each week! The set up for each student, and getting them acclimated was a little stressful, but expected. Fortunately, it only took one period for each class to get into the swing of things. Now, the students sign on and begin their work on their own with minimal need for assitance. They feel the program is cutting edge, and really makes Ivrit a lot more applicable in their minds.
The teachers that have used it so far are also very impressed. One thing they especially like is the fact that the students are forced to speak with the correct pronunciation of letters and syllables or their answer is not recognized as correct.
The one issue we are faced with now, is the fact that it seems a large number of computers that had the software installed on them, are not allowing the students to access the program. It seems to me that since we didn't have students set up accounts on these computers right away (since the classes that have begun using the program have only used a quarter of the computers) the activation may have expired. I assume I will have to have Rosetta Stone re-activate the program on those computers. I hope to get in contact with the support center this week and fix everything. Will post when issue is resolved.
Although there are still some kinks to work out, we are still already seeing the positive results which makes us motivated to do so!

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