Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Prime Minister Netanyahu Speaks

Last night as I was browsing through the Israeli news in Hebrew on the internet, I noticed a video clip, in which President Netanyahu was addressing the Knesset. I thought it would be interesting for my students of the tenth and eleventh grade to see and hear this clip, as he was talking about the two principles that will guide him in his indirect talks with the Palestinians.
I immediately captured this video, using the technology of Jing on my laptop. I loaded it to the internet using screencast.com. When I came to school the next morning, I was able to show the clip on the smartboard in my classroom (since sreencast is web based). The students watched this video clip, learned the new vocabulary and phrases. We then discussed the topic in Hebrew. Not only did the students learn the issue at hand, and the new vocabulary and phrases, but also they trained their ears to listen and understand Israelis as they discussed various topics. The students were very excited once again, to combine learning Ivrit with cutting edge technology.

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