Thursday, March 04, 2010

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Lights, Camera, Action all at DKJA!
The Donna Klein Jewish Academy High School is excited to announce that we are implementing an intense, student-driven, multi-media integration program. This program will be aimed at affecting all facets of the school’s environment, the classroom, the hallways, school programming and assemblies as well the online DKJA community.
With modern technology advancing at a gallop and gaining speed continuously, our school needs to stay ahead of the curve, exciting our students and making use of all creative outlets. The program will involve the following:
Beginning immediately – the students will form a multimedia club, that shall meet weekly. Rabbi Yaakov Green will facilitate the club in order to meet the following goals:
o Students will train in various forms and uses of multi-media, its value in education and art, and its societal importance and affect.
§ Some programming and technologies that are used to create media.
§ How to effectively and artistically use various media as a form of self expression and education.
o Students will receive training in the use of various websites and online resources, software and hardware:
§ editing of digital images,
§ capture and manipulation of audio content
§ capture and manipulation of video content
§ combining all forms of content
· The students will produce several (minimum of four) finished multi-media projects that will make use of newly learned editing skills and their personal creative tastes.
o The subjects of these videos will relevant to the Judaic studies and Hebrew dept. curricula of the school, and will augment and support ideas and themes from the classroom.
o The finished products will be showcased at school assemblies, and for Jewish Holiday commemorations.
o Students will be encouraged to work on club assignments in school, and to post their work on the internet in specific ways so that they may be shared with their friends and the online DKJA community.
· In addition to the club, starting second semester, the use of multimedia will be directly incorporated into the curriculum. Students will be expected to collaboratively produce media that augments and supports the thematic material covered in class.
o This will accomplish many goals:
§ Students will use their creativity in new ‘teen-friendly’ and exciting forums. (PowerPoint is not new anymore, and hasn’t been for quite some time.)
§ Multimedia will be given a spotlight in the school
§ The students will be given a forum in which to showcase their art and creativity.
§ Their art will be used to augment the Jewish goals and educational goals of the school
§ Their art will be able to support thematic learning in the future.
The buzz in our school about this club is palpable! From the students and up through the faculty and administration, we can’t wait to see what our artistic and talented students will be able to produce. We are excited to afford our students the opportunity to use every new available medium to express their Jewish knowledge and pride, and to find new ways to see their individuality come to life! Being on the cutting edge has never been so fun!

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