Wednesday, March 10, 2010

samples of smart idea lessons

this is a chart of the ramban's introduction to Sefer Devarim
I begin by making a template like the one above and then with the class we fill it in together. I either call on a student to come to the computer or I will do it with the imput of the class. Each class creates their own unique chart based on the information they learned. I save each classes' finished chart on their online homework page for them.
The next two pictures- are the text of Abarbanel's introduction to Sefer Devarim.
The first image is for a lower/ middle track- while the second image is designed for a high track.
I gave the students the text as a handout. We used these smart ideas lesson to chart out the commentary and title each section

This next image is the breakdown of chapter 1. This is one of the most effective ways of using smart ideas in the chumash classroom. I wanted the students to notice that two topics in chapter one at first glance seem to be completely unrelated to the general theme of the chapter. We colored these two topics different colors and separated them from the rest of the chapter. But once we were able to chart the chapter clearly we were able to see how these 'tangents' were really essential to the two key topics in the chapter.

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