Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Shlenker School - Recordings Library for Oral Learners

The recording and playing technology I have in my class offer a variety of differentiation options and learning activities. I keep finding more and more uses for these technologies to help students with different learning styles.
The Hebrew curriculum I use is called Chaverim BeIvrit. This is a continuous program with many books which is used in third through fifth grades. The language is taught in units based on short stories – vocabulary and language patterns are learned through the text. The text is central to the language skills taught and practiced in each unit.
Assignments are based mostly on the text, and o help students who are not strong visual learners I’ve started a new project: recording all the stories in the first five books. My goal is to enable the students who are more comfortable oral learners to use the recordings in addition to the text in the book when doing their assignments. The recordings are done using a microphone/headset, and are saved directly into the computer and sorted by book (all stories in book 1in one folder, stories in book 2, etc.). The students can listen to the recordings either by using an earphone connected to the computer, or downloading the them to an MP3 player.
The recording is a long-term project. I’m recording stories as the students encounter them in the units we work on as well as others when I have time to spare. I hope to finish the recording library by the end of the school year.

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