Friday, March 05, 2010

Students moving forward in long-form film project

The Bialik students in both our Grade 5 & Grade 7 pilot classes have had their pitches approved and have now moved on to the scripting stage. A short SmartBoard lesson on how to write scripts was given to each class last week. To recap: so far the classes have had a VideConference with a real filmmaker to get them excited and introduce the process of student filmmaking, had two critical viewing exercises (Music videos), brainstormed story ideas, Divided their ideas into beginning, middle & end, created backgrounds for the main characters of their story to help them "think in their shoes", crafted and delivered "pitches" to the "Executive Producers", and have now started writing the scripts.

A Hebrew filmspeak glossary will shortly be provided to students. The rough draft of the script will be in English and then then translated into Hebrew for all future drafts. Classroom teachers will help with the scriptwriting process. A rubric for the marking of the film will be delivered to students during the scriptwriting process so that expectations are clear for this and all future phases. As the students write their scripts, and the project moves to the pre-production and production phases, the students will get their first experience with the camera equipment and another mini-assignment to reproduce one of each type of shot they'll be taught.

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