Friday, April 23, 2010

BrightLink added to classroom

I’m EXCITED! The last part of the AviChai grant money has come through and combined with money from another grant it purchased BrightLink interactive projector for my class. The BrighLink is a very similar concept to a Smart Board or Promethean board, except there’s no special board involved – the projector is mounted on the ceiling and projects directly to a wall or white board surface. It is compatible with either Smart Board or Promethean software, and the images can be manipulated with a special pen directly on the surface without a need for a special board.
Of course, it will take a while before I’ll be able to take full advantage of this wonderful technology. At this point I’m using it as a glorified projector. I do have several ideas for activities but I’ll need training and lots of practice to get them to the operational stage. I hope that by the beginning of the next school year I'd be able to use it fully, and until then I'll use some of the features.
A technology is only as good as the creativity of the educators who use it in their lessons. As I’m not the first to receive a smart-type board from AviChai I checked the blog to see what my colleagues have done. To my disappointment I found that all are working with middle or high school students. I hope that eventually my co-teacher who teaches the same curriculum in grades 2-5 will get a BrightLink system installed and we’ll be able to develop lesson plans together. And if any of you, my blog readers, know of an elementary school teacher who is teaching Hebrew using a smart-type board and who would like to exchange ideas and lesson plans – please make the shiduch.


YGoldfischer said...

can you explain how bright link is different from a smart board- besides for not needing a board. Can your work be saved on a computer for your students?

Anonymous said...

Hi Naomi, there are lots and lots of ideas available on the elementary level. Check
I'm certain that you will find pleanty of material, and there is a ton more being developed as we speak!

Naomi Shenker said...

Yes, everything done on the computer can be saved. In addition if the mood strikes me I could add comments etc. with dry erase, though as the old song says "everything you can do with dry erase I can do better with the smartboard tools."
This link gives you lots of info.

Bialik Hebrew Day School said...

At Bialik, we're using SMART Boards for both our Jewish and General studies programs.

The Smartlink is an interesting product, but I believe the Smart software might be superior. Anyhow -- we're by no means experts, but we have elementary teachers using them in both Jewish & General studies. We have over 30 boards and this summer will complete our installation to more than 50 and have a board in every classroom. If you email us at "", we can talk further.