Wednesday, April 28, 2010

iPods for Hebrew

From Anat:

Until now we have used the iPods for audio recordings. It was a tool to promote the students’ reading and speaking skills (oral skills).
Now we are venturing into promoting writing skills.
The option of viewing videos on the iPods opens an exciting variety of activities.
The students can watch Israeli news clips, listen to Israeli music and watch any video from sites like you tube. You tube has a variety of videos and it is wonderful to be able to download these videos onto the iPods. The students can follow current events, learn about Israeli artists, “visit” sites and do so much more.
Students can watch a video and then write a summary of what they had watched, a personal reflection, a response letter, an article, a poem etc.
The iPods will open a whole new world of current issues in a form that the students love and are familiar with.

From Judy:

In order to use the Youtube videos, I converted them into an .mp4 file, using This website is very useful for converting videos. I have also used in the past, but it's not as reliable as
It was easy to sync the videos to the iPods after the conversion. The power cart made this a very quick process, in that all of the iPods were visible on the computer and I could easily transfer the movie files to all of the iPods at once.
I was impressed with the quality of the videos and I agree with Anat - this opens up some more exciting possibilities for the iPods.

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