Friday, April 09, 2010

Spring Break Flip-Cam Homework

Our Multi-Media club at DKJA is full steam ahead! After some exercises in capturing and editing audio files, our students spent a week editing video footage to coincide with audio tracks. Students gained an acute awareness of the use and dramatic benefit of this interplay in mass media and for their own projects as well.

We began to learn about planning stages of development, how to storyboard, and brainstormed for ideas and media that could be used for various hypothetical assignments. With all of the hypothetical experience under their belts we began discussing some more real full-scale media assignments.

We divided the students into two groups, each group working on separate projects. One group would focus on putting together a short-length trigger video that would kick-off/introduce any Yom Hashoah/Holocaust Remembrance Day commemorations our school would create (with our hope that it would be showcased in the lower and middle schools at DKJA as well.) The second group is tasked with creating an end of the year retrospective, a mini video-yearbook for our High School. We spent time brainstorming, storyboarding and collecting various forms of media to be used in the respective projects.

In preparation for the long Pesach Break, the groups were outfitted with Sony's new Flip Cams. Small, sleek, teen friendly and user friendly, these little gadgets had the students excited and left them all bitten by the techie bug. Immediately the students started playing around, testing out their new equipment. Whether through the the design, Sony's name brand recognition, or their ad campaigns, the students were in. We briefly discussed some drawbacks; the Flip doesn't have an audio input - so that filming in a mall or at the beach in the wind would make it virtually impossible to capture any audio - but this did not as of yet deter their enthusiasm.

The two groups left for Spring Break with their Flip, an understanding of their timetable, and a good list of clips to shoot, and others to find from stock footage. When we get back from break it will be interesting to see what they have come up with. We will collectively look through their footage, peer edit and whittle down what was collected to what can be used.

We are excited to welcome Francine Safdaye to our team at DKJA as our Technology-Intergration Consultant. Immediately after break Francine will be joining our club meetings and will help with peer editing, as well as offer some insight in filming and photography. Using the students own work, we will demonstrate important basics like the law of thirds that will aid our students as they work towards completing their projects.

All-in-all, the students were excited and had their work cut out for them. I hope they come back from their break rested, relaxed and just as excited as when they left with their new cameras in hand. We shall see what they produced pretty soon, and I am sure we will have some great stuff into which we can sink our collective creative teeth!

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