Monday, April 12, 2010

Yom Hashoah

Today was Yom Hashoah. To commemorate this day, I "captured" through Jing a video of a survivor from Kol Yisrael/Wallah news in Hebrew. I loaded it to and presented it today to the class on the smartboard. The students listened to the clip and were instructed to write down the new words and verbs they heard. The class was impressed by the 83 year old male survivor who "refused to die" and presevered through five death camps by creating his own "imaginary world". Mr. Ayalon was honored last night, together with his grandson, a soldier, to light "the torch of victory" in Yad Vashem. For homework, the students were asked to analyze the verbs used in this clip. Meaning, they had to classify the verbs according to the Binyanim and then change them to different tenses. Tomorrow, we will make a chart and review the verbs on the smartboard. Each student will have a opportunity to come up to the smarboard and fill in the chart.

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