Monday, June 28, 2010

39 Melachos Video-Robert M Beren Academy Houston, TX

Shehechiyanu v’kimanu v’higiyanu laz man hazeh.
We finally finished the filming today. We had to go back to the ranch for a few reshoots. We had to re-shoot some of the audio that came out bad and a few other shots that were not just perfect. Now we are ready for the editing. Dr. Jones has a big job in front of him. They usually say that it takes about one hour of editing for each minute of final video. Considering that the video is projected to be about 30 minutes long, it will take a lot of work.
We spoke to and they will be happy to host our video. So look for it in about a month and a half on their website.

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Rivky said...

Yasher Koach. I came across your blog while looking for educational material and pictures on the 39 melachos to teach an elementry class. Looking forward to seeing the video.