Friday, June 04, 2010

Bialik film project: LOTS HAPPENING!!!

After our last post, there wasn't much to report, but in the last few weeks, there's been a FLURRY of activity, and it's definitely time to bring everyone back up to speed on the successes and challenges we've faced:

All in all: Since our last post:

• A comprehensive rubric was created and delivered to the students
• The students finished their scripts and edited them.
• Each group split into two, with half working on a storyboard and the other half working on the Hebrew translation
• Translations and storyboards are all complete or nearly complete.
• Students FINALLY got their hands on the cameras again and started filming
• Students recieved basic instruction on how to use external hard drives with iMovie and how to import clips to the computer and do basic editing.
• We successfully tested "greenscreening" to place our students in exotic locales.

I will post the rubric in another post later today.

Just as a reflection: our project has seen significant challenges in finding enough in-class time to devote to the project...this has continued as our grade 7s were away this past week on a trip to Quebec City. The plan is for the grade 5s to spend all next week editing, but the grade 7s, who were away, are now further behind than the grade 5s.

The nice thing is that, even if not all groups complete the project in time, I believe that even now, we've met all our stated goals: We've brought new technology to the Jewish Studies program; students have been engaged at all levels with real-world problem-solving; conversational Hebrew was enhanced via script translation and scene practice, and students got enhanced media literacy training as well as technical training in the form of hands-on camera and (soon) video editing. We would definitely make some implementation changes for next year, but this has been a successful and worthy pilot. Even better -- we chose our pilot grades carefully, and, depending on how we decide to formulate the project next year, our Grade 5 & 7 students, who will then be grade 6 & 8 students, could, potentially, pick up right where they left off! :-D


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