Thursday, June 24, 2010

iPods for Hebrew

As the year is coming to an end, it is time to look back and reflect on the success of the iPod’s program.
I think that incorporating the iPods in the Hebrew program has given it a new appeal. Whenever I brought the iPods to class, the students seemed excited and eager to use them. It was the first time that oral tests in Hebrew seemed so popular. Not that students were not nervous about these evaluations, but the iPods definitely took “the edge off” needing to sit across from the teacher or stand in front of the class and speak.
In addition, the ability to immediately listen to themselves and edit their recordings when necessary gave the students a sense of fairness, confidence and perfection.
I consider that a great merit of the iPods because I believe it allowed for a more authentic evaluation.
From my perspective as a teacher, the iPods gave me the ability to listen to the recordings as many times as necessary. Unlike in the past, it wasn’t a “one time shot”. Like the students, teachers also need the opportunity to review and reflect. Again, it contributed to the purity and accuracy of the evaluation. The iPods are a great asset to the school and in our first year of using them we only peeled the first layer of their versatility. As time goes on I am confident that we will find new and exciting uses for the iPods that will enhance our curriculum

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