Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Digital Video Elective at the High School at Donna Klein Jewish Academy

I have been teaching a Digital Video Elective at DKJA this semester. The Digital Video elective is meant to introduce students to all aspects of digital video, from storyboarding scenes, screenwriting, and creating shot lists to editing a finished product. Throughout this project-based course, students demonstrate mastery of the key learning objectives by recording, capturing, and editing their own videos using the Final Cut Pro Suite software. Students are required to produce at three movies (including one Judaic Studies video) as well as two film critiques during the course of the semester. This is a hands-on course that provides a solid foundation for further study in this exciting field, and progresses from the pre-production, production, and post-production including editing basics transitions, text usage, and special effects.

Already this semester, the students have produced two videos for the class. Their first video was on a subject of their own choice. One student chose to make a video about How to Play Golf and the other student chose to create a music video. This project provided the foundation and learning grounds for what a digital video project is all about. Throughout the projects, the students work in stages, first brainstorming for ideas on projects, then moving on to writing scripts, drawing storyboards, filming and finally editing. Students have learned that these kinds of projects cannot be put together on a last minute basis. Planning and preparation is of essence when working on these kinds of projects.

The following links are to the most recent videos the students worked on based on content they had learned from their Judaic Studies courses.
David and Goliath:

We thank the Avi Chai Foundation for their continuous support of our projects and Jewish Education.