Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ISTE reflections

My time at the ISTE conference has been inspiring and overwhelming. I have been involved with technology for a long time and yet I feel behind the times in many respects. Most notably with regards to using online programs that are free rather than purchasing software. However, this reliance has its own issues; just yesterday I was trying to use google docs to take notes on the sessions, but the internet was so slow I went back to good old Word. While I understand and accept the value of collaboration that you can have with google docs, relying on the internet can sometimes be tricky. The point is that nothing is 100% reliable, especially when it comes to technology. That is just a given.
The people in the Avi Chai cohort are the most valuable resource I have encountered. They all have so much knowledge and experience I am in awe of what they bring to the table. I have been madly writing down each of Adam's suggestions when it comes to online programs, but I don't think I will ever be comfortable using twitter :) I will be sad when the conference is over and we say "good-bye" but I know we can still be "virtually" together.

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