Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Modest Proposal

After a fun filled, information packed week I returned home today to real life. The keynote address send off asked us to think of two goals to take home from ISTE and to tweet it. As humble as it may sound, one of my two goals is to have my school rethink the cell phone policy for students. Smart phones are almost ubiquitous and what a tool they can be; to a web-browser right in class! My second goal is to work on technology PD for my department. As Will Richardson and Ron Mancabelli said in "Yeah, But..." figure out where the resistance is coming from and try to address the rational and the emotional needs.
Of course, I don't really want to stop at two goals because I really have so many: skill and drill vocabulary quizzes - turn them into an on-line out-of-class task! Use Wikis and Googledocs to work collaboratively in ways that I haven't thought of before. This is in addition to the clips I already watch with my students, the projects that they do on the computer, and the resources that they have at their fingertips with WiFi in the building.

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