Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Teaching (Jewish) Inquiry with Serious Games

Teaching Scientific Inquiry with a Serious Game (and the Jewish Education Implications - OG)
Start time: 11:20am
Until: 11:30am
Venue: NYU Law School (40 Washington Square South), Greenberg Lounge
C. Forsythe (substitute co-researcher presenter from University of Memphis)

The implications of this talk for Jewish learning is that Games and Game-play are particularly suited through story and genre to teach inquiry and research methods.  The use of a quest with embedded narrative can turn the dry teaching of methodologies into an emotionally compelling adventure.  Here, as Jewish educators, we have the opportunity to teach methods of Jewish scholarly research and inquiry to young people.  How can Jewish learners be best equipped to pursue self-directed learning in the areas of Jewish Studies they are most curious?  By the providing of tools and methodologies for research embedded in compelling narratives.

See my writing on compelling emotional narratives in the current CCAR Journal at:

Rabbi Owen Gottlieb
PhD Candidate in Education and Jewish Studies
Speciality in Digital Media and Games for Learning

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