Monday, July 11, 2011

Thank you Avi Chai Foundation

Video by alex treyger. photo by david weinberg and kevin jarrett, music by iste

Avi Chai Foundation,

Thank you for choosing my grant application

that made me realize the value in my units

Thank you for providing thorough information and detailed coordination

that allowed me to plan better

Thank you for offering me the opportunity to meet leaders in the field

that allowed me to grow wiser

Thank you for the delicious dinners

that nourished my tired body and overwhelmed mind

Thank you for the amazing group of Jewish Educators you selected

that facilitated for deeper understanding of technology in Jewish Education

Thank you for a single room accommodations

that allowed me to decompress and gear up for the next day

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be inspired

that will allow me to come back to CJDS with new ideas and goals

alex treyger

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Lisa Colton said...

I love this!