Sunday, July 01, 2012

Words of Woofdom from the Bearded Dog

Originally posted Monday 25 June. Sadly - never appeared on this blog - sucked into the Bermuda Microsoft Triangle.... rescued only by the kindness of the mermaids.

Arff! Me hearties - the dog is back in action.

Here in sunny San Diego in a balmy air-conditioned room, enjoying the wonders of ISTE 12.

Arrrrr - wonders indeed. The Dog wonders how a board that has more than 20 000 people at one convention could allow a key note full of product placments and advertising!!

The dog was not amused.

But - the dog believes in looking on the bright side!

He is very greatful to Avi Chai for bringing him out to the West Coast where he just cannot sign the many report cards waiting on his desk.

And arrrrrr - when the dog smells the sea, he perks up and his tail has been known to wag!

ISTE, the sea, happy doggy!

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