Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First time at ISTE!!!

First time at ISTE can be a unique experience. This year taking place in San Antonio Texas, beautiful city (loved the river walk)
When I first arrived to the convention center I was amazed by the large space. I used a map to navigate through the big campus. There are so many educators here from all over the world, so many presenters, vendors, and it is all about technology and education what can be better than this?!
My fist day here went by so fast. I went from one session to another. Since I learned many things in just one day, I was glad I took notes.  
I have learned that is very important to choose the right speaker. At times, the session was just what I wanted and at times, it was not so relevant.  At time, it was very hands on and at times, it was more about seeing the big picture.   
As my school, Epstein school, is always looking to expend the media and technology resources available to student, the exhibit hall was very good source! I found opportunities to communicate and network with a variety of vendors for my school.
This is a GREAT opportunity to learn and collaborate!  
 Avi Chai group was a great support and the discussion at the end of each day were highly effective . At these discussions I had the opportunity to collaborate with other Jewish educators and discuss applying what we learned to teaching Judaic and Hebrew.
Right now it is the last day of the conference. I just heard am amazing presentation of my favorite presenter Leslie Fisher. I am so glad to have such productive conference and supportive group members.
I have learned many new things like: new apps, new web tools, collaborative tools, project based learning strategies, mobile use in class and much more.
Thank you so much, Avi Chai, for making this a great experience.
Next step is to process all the information I learned here....

Tali  Ben-Senior
Instructional Technology Specialist
The Epstein School
Atlanta, GA

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