Tuesday, August 06, 2013

ISTE 2013

I want to thank Avi Chai for giving me this amazing opportunity to be at ISTE in San Antonio. i felt like a child that got to play in a huge playground and can't wait to learn and try more and more new things. It was great to be part of an amazing group of educators that are excited about technology and see the opportunities in emerging developments in educational technology. All Avi Chai team made my experience positive and valuable. Rachel Abraham, Ayelet, Jennifer Newfeld that welcomed us in San Antonio and took care of our meals. Every evening Eliezer Jones, always with a smile engaged a group of tired and overwhelmed teachers in great conversation. TODAH RABBA As an educator, I was excited to hear the keynotes presentations focused on the application of game design to education by Jane McGonigal, an American game designer, she spoke about her research in creating games designed to teach students how to solve real world problems. She described how the player is engaged, using critical thinking, motivated and keep on reaching higher goals when playing. Being busy all year with curriculum, Instruction, assessments, report cards and parent meetings I never had the chance to take the time and learn about how games can be part of my instruction. This keynote presentation introduced me to this unique topic and showed me the potential gaming has to remove boundaries in education by engaging students and forcing them to think critically. Our Avi Chai conversation in the first evening was focusing on gaming and why it's important to use it in education. It was very interesting to hear each person's thoughts and personal experience. The gamers in the group were so excited and shared some project they are using in their school. I specially remember that in one school students had the option to use 'Minecraft' to build a model of 'Beit Hamikdash'. the teacher shared how this experience kept them engaged and motivated. I’m excited to share this topic with other teachers in my school and i hope to continue the conversation with other educators using social media.